“Grand Entrance.” Heralds, you gotta love them. They provide a grandiose theme for anyone about to take the stage and address the crowd. A little pomp and circumstance is great but too much, as they say, is too much. This is especially true when you are less than six feet away from the horn section. One must wonder though. If this sort of announcement is a regular occurrence, just how many podiums must they go through in a week. At least – by the looks of it – they recycle.

Talk about a very official introduction! And not just one, but two! At this rate, we should be able to put a name to all twelve gobos very soon. That is, unless something brings a screeching stop to all of that. There’s that sinister and ominous tone again. Am I just building up some unwarranted suspense? Haven’t they endured quite enough with the spider swarm and each others’ antics? What more could possibly go wrong for our twelve little friends? You’ll just have to keep reading on to see what happens next. Here’s a little hint: this won’t be the only grand entrance in this chapter. See you next time!

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