“Conflicting View.” Worst. Roast. Ever. Again we see a clear example of how trash talking can get one into trouble, as well as hurting feelings. There is nothing like a bit of body shaming to put a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, especially if you’re the target. It’s just not the right thing to do. Pointing out problems in an authority figure’s regime is one thing. Smear campaigns that hit below the belt are another. Its just an example of very poor politics.

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could unsay the words that came out of your mouth? We are not just talking about hurtful things. It could be something that is embarrassing. It could be both. I think our little gobo friend is wishing that right now. It can be quite difficult to do a complete reversal on a conflicting view point or to recover from a social faux pas. No matter what is said afterwards, it probably won’t lessen the impact of what was said before. So just remember that it is always best to think things through before you start speaking. Everyone would be better off if they did just that.

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