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Krak: [I've been shot!]

“Sensitive Posterior” I guess we will leave the mess of a meal left behind for another scene of cleaning. Our little archers are hard at work, so hard in fact that they haven’t seen the big boss arrive. And how rude! Throwing trash on all of their effort! Perhaps some of the more industrious gobos should build a few rubbish bins so this wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, I doubt that they would get much use, based on how casually that bone was discarded.

And that bone nearly took one of them out! It is bad enough when an accident happens in the workplace. It is even worse when that accident was caused by another. Now, before we go any further and condemn our hooded friend’s actions, we need to address something. First of all, I doubt workers’ compensation is even an option in this case. The boss won’t fix the problem, especially being the start of it. And lastly… you can’t blame the little ones! Mischief is in their blood! At least we know that there is no language barrier between them. The big guy can clearly complain about his sensitive posterior in words that they can understand.

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