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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The night's darkness is kept at bay by the glowing lanterns of the town. On one of its streets, a man with a shaven head in a long, dark cloak beckons the viewer closer with one hand while gesturing to a building behind him with another. The motion reveals a sheathed dagger on his belt. By a door, illuminated by a lamppost is another man with arms crossed and a smile on his face. The door has a symbol of three golden balls suspended from a curved bar and the word's "Martyr's Merch" under it.
Bald Man: "Ah, new faces! A pleasure! Come into our shop?"

Panel 2
Along another section of street, a halfling wearing a chef's apron has come out of a shuttered shop with a sign that looks like a piece of toast. On it are the words "Ondo's Bake or Take". The merchant has a cleaver in one hand and the other, held up high for the viewer to see, holds a live chicken, upside-down by its feet.
Halfling: "Fried? Dried? Live!? Rated first for food and provisions, five years running!"

Panel 3
In the middle of the street, a dwarf beams exuberantly while holding up a hand axe in one hand and a chisel-like sword in another.
Kudek: "I'm Crazy Kudek! Crazy discount prices! Sample my best items?!"

Panel 4
The view flips to the gobos - Pōk, Nik, Hob, Nak, Fip and Wak - still mystically disguised as gnomes. They all have their weapons ready, prepared for a fight. Puccini, who is only visible from the waist down, holds up his hands in a "back down" gesture towards the viewer.
Puccini: "Ummm... please no?"