“Excess Drink” Not all trail rations are created equal. If you’re lucky, you’ll have variety on a long trip. Most likely, with water. Not booze.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini raises a finger as he begins to count off points of his presentation to Hob and Nak (both offscreen).
Puccini: "First, Sustenance."

Panel 2
The view shifts to a quartet of trail ration packs. The one in the center has been opened to see its contents: (clockwise from top left) a rye roll with a cross cut on top, a thick slice of semi-hard cheese with a thick rind and a number of air holes, a cured sausage laying on dark almonds, and dried fruits which includes a couple slice of dehydrated apple slices.
Puccini: "We had one stop for trail rations."
Narrator boxes (one per food item): "Rye Roll", "Semi-Hard Cheese", "Nuts", "Cured Sausage", Dried Fruit"

Panel 3
The scene shifts back to the room and the gobos - mystically disguised as gnomes - within, starting on the right side across from Puccini (offscreen). At the right wall, Nik's shoulders are raised slightly as the gobo leans against the dress - palms on its top - while listening. Pōk has hopped up onto the bed along the back wall, resting with the pillow propped at an incline and fingers knitted on belly. If any listening is happening, it is done from under the wide brim of the scout's hat which is tipped far forward to conceal all but the end of the silvery beard.
Puccini, offscreen: "Proper meals are needed for energy..."

Panel 4
The view pans left, revealing that the tipsy Fip has hopped up as well, resting against the back wall - arms wide and hands on the bed for support - at the foot of the bed. In the corner, Wak has taken the stool-chair, lap acting as a table to rest the tankard from the bar upon. Nak stands much closer near the left wall with arms behind the back. The gobo is glancing away without a head turn, as if to reaffirm the state of the companions. Perhaps the swords-gobo does not need to see the condition of those closest?
Puccini, offscreen: "...and to soak up excess drink."