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Narrative Box: Later...

“Dinner’s Served” That was a comical amount of water spewing from that chimera. Well, it is a comic after all. But let us table the actual capacity for chimerical fire-breathing for right now. The point is that one of its greatest strengths has been pacified. Fiery gouts from a predator would panic even a large group. And it did. Twelve gobos risked their rickety bridge to flee it. And when they were reduced to four, it is hard to imagine a victory. But now that it has been taken away, the chimera is seen in a more natural light. And when you have two melee experts and a gobo who is good with axe, the threat becomes more manageable. It is like defending your camp from a lone wolf. A very bizarre-looking wolf but a wolf nonetheless. Well, big cat… but that’s beside the point.

Anyways, courage and resolve has returned to (at least three of) our little gobos. And the chimera finds that these traits have fled it. Without getting into any gory detail – this is a comic I want everyone to enjoy, regardless of age – the gobos are triumphant. And dinner’s served! That must be an interesting meal… lion-lamb chops, with a hint of serpent? There is enough food to last them for a while, and they have gathered up what gear was lost during the fall into the river. But now what? That question seems to be top priority for Nak. I am sure the sword-wielding gobo will have a plan by the time the sun rises.

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