“Take Aim” It seems like our hooded friend has won the argument and it is time for a little target practice. However, there is nothing friendly in a competition when someone shoots off insults (along with arrows). By nature of design, a bow and a crossbow are quite different in their rate of fire. The arrows from a bow can be set loose as quickly as one can load and pull the string back. On the other hand, the crossbow takes much longer to load before taking another shot. Biting commentary and remarks might all seem like fun and games at first but be careful when you start talking trash. When you take aim at someone’s faults, you better be able to back it up. Or, at the very least, you best be prepared to take as much as you dish out.

We have two more official introductions in this comic. That is four in total. By now you may have picked up on just how to place a name to a gobo. In case you haven’t noticed already – and to avoid any potential confusion – I will continue to point out introductions as they occur.

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