“True Hammerspace” Yes, the other day took place almost three years ago to the day. A month and three days shy. How real life time flies…

The topic of hammerspace has come up a couple times, and used for either comedic and practical effect. With the exception of visual gags, characters can only carry a reasonable amount of gear. This new bag is a game changer. It’s like a magician’s hat or sleeve. Or a certain magic item found in certain games and media.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a sepia flashback from an overhead view, a chest's interior is mostly empty, save for a wand, a scroll, a pouch, a green demon necklace, one ring, and a spattering of coins.
Narrative Box: "The other day."

Panel 2
Shifting to an exterior view, Tok stands by the chest, which is near a wall with a pedestal supporting a small, broken sphere. The gobo braces the chest lid open with the left hand while holding the pouch up with the other. Holding it upside-down to free it of its contents, Tok is quite skeptical that this ordinary-looking container has anything inside it...

Panel 3
...until it suddenly empties its contents, expelling not only coins and a gem or two, but things that would not normally fit in such a small space, like a sword, scroll and spear! It is a jaw-dropping moment for Tok...

Panel 4
...who - once the bag has given up its horde - holds it chest level to give it an admiring appraisal.