“Target Practice.” It appears that the other two gobos found a spot to play. And this time they didn’t need to hang their dummy from the ceiling. They’ll have no problem at all if they have to move it to another location. They’ll just have to pull it out of the ground and stake it elsewhere. Very convenient indeed.

During this target practice, we can see that these gobos have two different approaches to melee combat. This is very similar to what we saw in our last comic. What we don’t get are any insults. We see helpful advice instead. Instead of attacking like a whirling dervish, our sword-wielding gobo suggests one precise stroke against a target. Unfortunately, some people just can’t take constructive criticism. It can be quite difficult to accept, especially when the truth hits too close to home. Most take it all in stride but there are others that might overreact when confronted with their flaws. But it does look like our dagger-decking friend gave it at least one attempt before storming off.

We get two more introductions with this comic, bringing us up to six. Six gobos down, six more to go.

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