“No Pressure.” It appears that are planner is putting things into motion. Such a hard worker. Such focus. But this is why they put up barricades around dangerous construction sites. If you don’t, just about anyone can wander in. And a sudden exclamation might have you jumping out of your shoes. If that were to happen, you just might accidentally trigger your elaborate Rube Goldberg Spider Trap. I am sure that everyone will be fine. After all, most of them are wearing protective headgear. Plus two gobos should be enough weight to counterbalance a slab of stone. Don’t you think? Let’s hope that’s the case.

We have yet another official introduction in this comic. At this rate, we should have each of the gobos introduced by the tenth comic. No pressure, right? Things, however, do not always go as planned. Am I being somewhat ominous? A bit of foreshadowing, perhaps? Well, our loud friend was making an announcement and it has something to do with the crowned gobo. If you are curious about what that might be, don’t worry. I am sure it will all be cleared up over the next few comic strips. Stay tuned.

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