2019 Fourth of JulyIt’s the Fourth of July once more. It is time again to celebrate the uniting thirteen colonies against their sovereign across the ocean. As my friend is want to say, “Treason is the Reason for the Season.” Overacting aside, the significance of this day tends to be lost on most people. Today, most of my fellow Americans celebrate the Fourth of July like any other summer day. We gather together for cook outs and barbecues. We tend to eat way too much food and imbibe far too much drink. And the drink of choice is likely to be fermented. Really, the only thing that sets it apart from yet another gastronomical gathering is the fireworks. We just can’t wait until the sun goes down and the sky darkens. In fact, we light firecrackers, sparklers and other explosives just to get us through the day!

In the end, the day is all about having a good time. So grab a hot dog and a glass of lemonade. Or a burger and a brew? Perhaps some aged steak and a glass of wine if you’re fancy. Sit back and get ready for the fireworks. But, unlike Bam here, be mindful of where you are and the high explosives. We want you all to close the evening with family and friends, and not in the emergency room counting your fingers. Or limbs, for that matter. Be safe. And have a happy Fourth of July, everyone!