Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I used to hear this a lot growing up, or the alternative “You can never tell a book by its cover”. I don’t hear it as often now, and that is unfortunate. It is some good advise. There is quite a bit of misconceptions out there. There are also a number of individuals who would try to pull a trick or scam on somebody else. Or they might not be as knowledgeable as people think they are. This is not quite the “Happy April Fools’ Day” opening I was going with but, here we are.

We should always do a little fact checking before we jump to any conclusion. And we should get that information from more than one source. We should be aware as we go about our business, less you get pranked or swindled. Would you be happy if you ordered an impressively thick print copy of Gobo Gazette, only to learn that Tik and Tok had just pasted on a cover? (The image today is larger so the cover text is a bit more readable).

Or worse, we could give into fear, snap-judgement, or stereotypes. A lot of the world’s issues wouldn’t exist if we just took a moment to un-cloud our eyes, unstop our ears and perceive things truthfully. So before you judge another, try something that seems too good to be true, or but a disguised copy of War & Peace from a pair of shady goblins, take a moment to be aware. At the very least, April Fools’ Day will be less eventful. And that is a good thing.