Which Witch? Witches can be good or they can be evil. Which witch do you prefer?

Witch of Dezina

Witch of Dezina – An empire slips into panic when their goddess vanishes into the night. In a whirl of confusion, one government bureaucrat decides to gather a team to investigate her disappearance. But his job gets messy when a witch appears for the first time in a decade.

Nightmare Witch

Nightmare Witch – For decades, a sickness has spread among the entire population of Mars causing shared hallucinations. A small fraction of the population had been found to disturb these hallucinations in destructive ways — the condition known as Mentimoria. Through their phobias, patients with Mentimoria bring forth uncontrollable apparitions that can physically harm the patient or those around them. In order to treat them, they must be contained. To rehabilitate, they must never be afraid.