The Road We Travel. Fight for belief, fight for right… this is what heroes are made of.


Halflight – Nahalenya has been using magic to live a double life for years. Now that she’s completed her University studies, she can finally leave her outsider status behind to journey home to her people. First she must cross a landscape troubled by war and a mysterious illness that seems to have no cure, and nothing is turning out quite how she expected.


Tamuran – A young exiled prince, a shapeshifting court lady, a wild elf searching for his lost family, and a curiously academic beast must carry a message far across the wilds of Tamuran before all the land falls to a terrible curse. But the road to save their home will be a long one. Dark secrets are everywhere, and the long-banished ancient enemy now rising from the shadows have had nine hundred years to prepare their revenge.


Brothers – Postmasters Sprout and Oz become unlikely heroes after discovering a magic mailbox.