Original Content – January 19th, 2018

“Fire Brigade.” It looks like one of the gobos is planning to make improvements on the home defense. However, another gobo is planning to bring it to a whole new level. Apparently, that will just not do. Perhaps having explosions near the mouth of the cave might cause a landslide, blocking the entrance. That would definitely put a stop to any future ventures out into the wilderness. At least the spiders are a temporary problem. Digging out of all the debris from a blast might be more troublesome. Let’s hope that our little planner can diffuse the situation before things blow up in their faces.

You may have noticed that it isn’t as dark in the cave as one might expect. The torches of the fire brigade are lighting up the immediate area. There are also a number of other torches in the cave that keep it rather lit… they are just “off camera”. This is important as it gives us the opportunity to see the gobos a little clearer. It would be much harder to see the different colored outfits if it was too dark, especially when we are just getting introduced to them.

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