“Summon Monster” This wizard must be the great Deus Ex Machina! And it looks like he used the same spell as the Party of Adventurers™, except in reverse. Judging by the state of some of the gobos, this is a good thing. I’ll tag him once he gets a proper introduction (and the time to add it).

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Text on Scroll: "Summon Monster, Local Plane - Chaos Edition: Summons closest sentient monster or a group of sentient monsters of the same type with the capacity for great mayhem as a force of calamity. Caution: Unlike extraplanar summonses, any monster summoned is not under the caster’s control. Side effects include caster’s death or dismemberment without one or more precautionary measures. Suggested measures include the Amulet of Acquiescence, the Rod of Rulership, the staff of Charming, the Wand of Binding, or the Wand of Fear. Casting: Recite the following incantation: [Arcane Writing]. Use as directed."