“Servant of the Secret Fire” I have been looking forward to this for close to four years now. It has quite a few moments. There is the proper presentation of Prospero Puccini the Perilous (such alliteration). We’ll be seeing – and hearing – a lot of him. It is the first time that any of the gobos speak “the common tongue” (true, it is just a couple names, but still). And you even have a call back to the first comic of Gobo Gazette (the art has definitely improved since then). I am very happy to finally see this come to pass!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Puccini: What a predicament. This is what I get for not scrying ahead of time...
Puccini: I am Prospero Puccini the Perilous! Speak your names, my new servants!
Puccini: You don't know the common tongue? Puccini the Perilous.
Puccini: I'll just call you "Bam".
Bam: Bam?
Puccini: Yes. Yes! You, Bam. Me Puccini. Puccini!
Puccini: Poo - Chee - Nee
Gobos: Poo!
Puccini: Oh why... oh why... did I not scry?