“Quiet Please” Hey! Remember this place? Seems like we are missing a couple of gobos. Now where could they have gone? It’s like herding cats: just when you think you got one back to the litter, two more have went on an adventure! They must have missed them sneaking past as they were discussing the whereabouts of Pat back at the lab.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Tik gives the door a nudge open with an elbow, revealing an authoritative Nak and Zip, caually placing a hand on the door jamb. Behind them stand, Tok and Fip, the latter peaking over Zip's shoulder into the room.
Narrative: Back at the Storeroom

Panel 2
The interior of the storeroom is as they left it... more or less. Crates line the back wall, Nik looks up, seated against the empty crate at the room's center. The stack of crates to the right are a bit more worse for wear than before, having a few more axe cuts along its corner.
Nak, off-screen: ["Where are Bam, Pat and Wak?"]

Panel 3
Nik's eyes narrow. An answer is given but is unheard as Pōk emerges from behind the stack of crates and, with finger to lips, issues an audible "SHH!!!

Panel 4
Back at the doorway, Tik is not taking the news well, holding up hands in disbelief. The miner's lowered stance allows Tok a better view into the room. Nak's head hangs slightly, fingers squeezing the bridge of the gobo's nose to relieve some tension. Both the archers look to Nak. While Fip raises a hand as if to offer a suggestion, Zip only offers an expression of condolence.