“A Hard Road, A Road Unforeseen” To some out there, cilantro taste’s like soap. Apparently, Nik’s cilantro is mint. On a more important note, the gangs all back together! And… they are splitting the party. These gobos are having a busy day. Side note: isn’t it funny how you can spend a year or more following a webcomic and then realize that only a day has past in their timeline? Perhaps we’ll finish this day by New Years. Then again…

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Back in the observation tower, Nik reacts poorly to a drink.
Nik: "<Minty...>"

Panel 2
Hob looks to the side as Nob and Puccini - carrying a serving tray with potion bottles and various sized glasses - approach.
Puccini: "Can everyone understand me?"
Gobos, off-screen: "<Yes.>"

Panel 3
The view focuses on Hob, who addresses the gathering.
Puccini, off-screen: "Hob?"
Hob: "<Bam let something out of the gate.>"

Panel 4
Bam shrugs with embarrassed smile.
Hob, off-screen: "And because of this... Poo's stone was taken."

Panel 5
Nik - trying to wipe away the taste of the drink - approaches Nak, who listens attentively.
Hob, off-screen: "<Nob has pledged to get it back.>"
Nak: "<When do we all go?"

Panel 6
Nik and Nak share a subtle glance as they listen.
Hob, off-screen: "<Not all. You, me, Nik, Poo...>"
Puccini, off-screen: "That's "Puccini"."

Panel 7
A distracted Pōk turns away from a window.
Hob, off-screen: "<...Pōk...>"
Pōk: "<Huh?>"

Panel 8
Fip - hearing the details - pumps a fist and, in the distance, Zip listens while leaning against a wall.
Hob, off-screen: "<...Fip...>"
Pōk: "<Yes!>"

Panel 9
The view moves back to and away from Pōk, revealing Wak, who gestures outside.
Hob, off-screen: "<...and Wak...>"
Wak: "<The trees...>"

Panel 10
Puccini has pulled out a wand and glances in Wak's direction as Nob raises a hand to respond.
Nob: <"No. They'll need your strength.>"

Panel 11
The view shifts back to Zip and Fip, who is now not quite happy at what is said.
Zip: "<Why not me?>"
Puccini, off-screen: "I only have food for one."
Nob, off-screen: "<They'll need Zip's skill...>"

Panel 12
Pat, with injured arm held, smiles at the news.
Nob, off-screen: "<...and Pat to cook.>"

Panel 13
Tik, thumbs in best, and Tok, with hand on hip, listen to Nob's directions.
Nob, off-screen: "Tik, plot out our homes. Employ Bam and Tok.>"
Tik: "<Okay.>"

Panel 14
Tik looks back to Tok, as the gobo shrugs with a smile and a reply.
Nob, off-screen: "And Tok...>"
Tok: "<Hey! I used my last bomb at the cave.>"

Panel 15
Puccini looks down to Nob and shares an exchange as he readies his wand.
Puccini: "Homes?"
Nob: "<You want us living in the tower?>"

Panel 16
Nob looks back out to the rest of the gobos while Puccini uses his wand to make the serving tray and all the items on it "Poof" into a puff of smoke.
Puccini: "Good point."