“Brief Backstory” It’s not a happy story, for sure, but a common one. Difficulties are expected when different groups meet for the first time. The greater the differences, the more potential friction it can generate. And that is just the first time. The real sad part is its persistence. First impressions and the details of these encounters aside, it is easier to perceive faults in others than to see and acknowledge those inside ourselves. Harder still to overcome or make amends for actions – intentional or otherwise – that had dire ramifications in our relationships. We must constantly challenge ourselves to move past self-imposed obstacles and strive to connect. It is not easy but the alternative can be unhealthy.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On a close-up view of Nob's map, Puccini's finger points to an icon of three houses.
Puccini: "On Nob's... map, Breakershome would be here."

Panel 2
The view zooms out to Puccini, still pointing to the map.
Puccini: "The founders had a rough time with the local Wolfriders. Lost a lot of people those first years."

Panel 3
Puccini lowers the map to his side and gestures to his audience.
Puccini: "They are still weary of orcs and their cousins."
Nik, off-screen: "<That's fine...>"

Panel 4
The view shifts to Nik, casually cleaning nails with the point of a dagger.
Nik: "<We don't like your kind either.>"