“Homunculus Now!” What? You thought we were done with the bathroom humor? Yeah, it’s not for everyone. The crowd is on the fence.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the tower's highest room, a serious Puccini looks out to his audience while pointing to the waving, happy small teddy-bear-like creature with wings and a long, thick tail.
Puccini: "This is Whiskit. My faithful homunculus."

Panel 2
The view shifts to two of Puccini's audience members, While a skeptical Bam gives a little wave of greeting, Pat is fully committed to a warm waving welcome.
Gobos, on- and off-screen with varying degrees of enthusiasm (or lack there of): "<Wiz!>"

Panel 3
The scene shifts back to a crestfallen Puccini, eyes closed and half-covering, half-holding his face. Whiskit has stopped in mid-wave by the Gobos' response.

Panel 4
Puccini eyes open to slightly to look towards an astonished Whisket, who estures out towards the audience.
Whiskit: "Really?!"
Puccini: 'Get used to it."