“The Greatest Adventure is What Lies Ahead…” So it begins, the tale of twelve goblins just trying to do their best. And their epic journey has… apparently ended as quickly as it has begun? Over the course of these first few chapters, you’ll learn a bit more about our little friends and the misadventures they find themselves in. Once each gobo has been officially introduced (and one has), I will add a cast page which will cover more than just the gobos. There are plans for a locations page as well, once enough appear in the comic.

This first comic uses a 4-row format which is larger than the other comics. These large comics act as the cover for each part of the ongoing story. So we’ll have a 4-row “cover page” comic and nine standard comics for each chapter. You might also see them used for special pages. What could these special pages be? You’ll just have to keep reading until you find out. And lastly, I will be posting any news or points of interest unrelated to the ongoing story below. That way, you readers will be able to read through each comic without any interruptions to the flow. I might also mention bits of news right here in a comic’s description text, especially if it doesn’t warrant a full article. Please feel free to comment on any of the comics. All comments will need to be approved before they appear to cut down on spam.

Thank you for reading.

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