“Precarious Placement.” Has the entrance been secured? These three gobos think so. In fact, they are so confident that they have decided a little play time is in order. Although the entrance area of the cave is quite large, it still is not large enough for everyone to have a bit of fun. It all comes down to dibs, and it appears that our hooded friend has called it. Those two went through all of that effort to hang up their practice dummy. With such a precarious placement, they should have checked the surrounding area first to see if it was claimed. If they did, they might have noticed the archery target.

It does not matter who put what where first, that is not going to stop disagreements from happening. We’ll have to wait and see just who wins this argument. Speaking of arguments, you may have noticed that the gobos don’t think or speak in any language we might use. Instead, you will notice that they do so with images. Kind of like a rebus puzzle. Let’s just say that this is gobo-speak. We will be able to get an idea of what is going on in their heads – and know that it is in a different language – without using some strange letters or symbols.

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