“Anger Unleashed” At first, Tik and Tok are ecstatic about Bam’s berserker rage. In the end, that anger is probable what kept these four alive. They soon realize however that the level of ensuing violence is a bit firightening. The amount of anger unleashed can be hard to stomach. Literally for candle-top. I know I like a good horror flick now and then. Back when VHS was king, I would rent many B-rated horrors. But horror is not for everyone and, no matter how many horror shows I saw, I don’t think I could handle the real thing.

Pōk seems to be taking it all quite well, except for the excessive amount of sound effects. Don’t you love it when even the onomatopoeia has a physical impact on the story? I am sure that there are a number of examples of this happening in cartoons or anime. For the life of me, I just can’t think of any right now. I will say that the last panel looks like a dark take on one of Gobo Gazette’s Instagram images. Haven’t checked it out yet? There’s a link to the right. And if you are on Instagram, don’t forget to follow us.

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