“Anger Rising” With the entrance blocked, Tik and Tokour dynamic duo – race to help out Pōk with the rest of the spiders. They all race by Bam, who must have recently been awoken by the sound of the explosion. Now I would love to have done this scene with a dolly zoom. I think the view would immediately get the sense of Bam’s anger rising. Unfortunately, the medium is quite limited. Perhaps I could come back later and do it as as animated gif? But I digress. Instead of the dolly zoom, this is more of an extreme close-up… which works just as well.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Bam has a very complicated relationship with spiders. After that first encounter, Spiders are a serious trigger for Bam. Trigger seems to a trending buzz word and I see it quite often. Most of the times, I don’t think it is used properly. And just to clarify, I am probably not using it correctly either. The one thing that I do know is that it not just something that sets one off – it is an unhealthy situation that afflicts others, as we’ll find out soon enough.

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