2018 April Fools' EasterHappy April Fools’ Easter! Is that a thing? We get a two-fer today on our Instagram page, a day of praise and a day of mischief! Well, aren’t they both full of mischief to some degree? Hiding eggs is kind of an impish game, is it not?

And what mischief do we have here? It seems like our little spider smasher has been cleverly concealed within an egg which just happened to be selected by our cook for decoration. Surprise!

Normally the Instagram page updates at least once a month with non-canon Gobo-centric images. Not for April 2018! Each day we will be posting our comics in order so we can shift the comic there.

Just kidding. Actually we have a personal tribute image going up on the 15th and then, each day thereafter, we will be releasing a new image until the month is over. Therefore, you best check it out and then come back in May to see something we have been putting off for a bit.