Happy First Birthday, Dante! You’ve definitely changed our lives for the better and are pushing me to be a better person. Plus, you’re the inspiration behind the little gobos I draw on this silly webcomic. If you ever met this little guy, you might notice the similarities between him and our twelve little mischief-makers. He might not be green with pointy ears and yellow eyes but he does possess their expressions and penchant for getting into misadventures! Sure he gets into trouble but it is not as crazy as the stuff our little gobos get into.

And now some Gobo Gazette news! This is the special tribute I mentioned previously. Starting tomorrow and over the next few days, we will be doing a series of posts on the Gobo Gazette Instagram page. Unlike other posts on that page, we will not be updating the website with each post. Check it out! There will be a big change to the website once it has finished.