I have been reading web comics for a very long time. I want to say that I started reading them when they first became a thing on the world wide web. Web comic directories have been around for almost as long, but I’ve never really utilized them. Sure, I’ve visited one on occasion whenever I was looking for something new. However I usually just clicked the comic links on the sites I followed. As a reader, I just didn’t see any value in it.

As the creator of a web comic, that has changed. This wasn’t a big deal with my first endeavor, Your Comic’s Weak, but that was geared to a select crowd. Leaving the pond and diving into the deep waters demands promotion for this small gobo, leaving the cave for the first time. So, I’ve spent some time and set up accounts on the following web comic directories: Comic Rocket, The WebComics List, Top Web Comics, and WebcomicsHub. If you happen to utilize one of these sites as a source of your web entertainment, you may now find Gobo Gazette there!

Please note that the links provided should take you directly to the comic’s page on those sites. This is intentional in a number of ways. First, it will allow you to quickly add Gobo Gazette to your reading list or mark it as a favorite. Second, it should allow you to vote for the comic. I specifically mean Top Web Comics, although the method is still arcane to me. Lastly, and most importantly, there are web comics out there that are NSFW. I know, right? Well, some of their banners are a bit risque, and I would prefer to protect any younger readers. If you happen to be one, talk to a responsible adult before going anywhere else on the directories.

Don’t forget that there is also the Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram page, and RSS feed. If you have not yet followed, liked, and/or rated Gobo Gazette on these, please do! By doing so, you can expose the web comic to so many more viewers.

Thank you!