2018 4th of JulyHappy 4th of July to all of the Americans out there! Setting the historical significance aside, independence never was so good! Big barbecues, outrageous outings and gregarious gatherings! Beach bashes, pool parties and summer spectaculars! And at the top of the list: fireworks displays! It looks like both Tik and Tok have the right idea, although it probably isn’t the smartest thing to be lighting rockets off of helmet candles.

Before sparking up your very first firework, make sure that you are ready for the absolute worst. Safety should always be first for all of you amateur fireworks launchers (which is mostly all of us out there). Honestly, bad things can happen to those that mishandle explosive items… or get too close to them! You don’t want to spend the holiday in an emergency room, or missing some fingers!

Your best bet for enjoying the evening is to step right back and watch the light show. Leave the fabulous flashes and the big booms and blasts in the hands of the professionals. There is nothing like colorful explosions choreographed to music, classical and classic rock. Besides, that will leave them both empty for something even better… a beverage and a burger!