It is time for Inktober 2018! This will be the first year that I will be doing #Inktober with a purely Gobo Gazette focus. It is the second overall Inktober that I have participated. (My first batch of Inktober art may be found in this Facebook album, with a couple entries located in this one). Eventually I will be adding an art gallery to the website. But until then – and even afterwards – I will first post the images on the Gobo Gazette’s Instagram page. As usual, there will be links on its Twitter feed and the Facebook page. All of the #Inktober2018 images will be black & white and non-canon… unless otherwise specified. For example, the first image is of Bam having a terrible nightmare about the giant green forest spider. I am pretty sure that this has happened “off-camera” so is sorta canon.

I am hoping to get one up a day. Last year I finished 30 of the 31 posts I made. Then again, I wasn’t entrenched in the comic art at that time. We will see!