Party of AdventurersIt has been some time since the Cast Page has been updated. Who better to put a change to that then the Party of Adventurers? Oh, I’m sorry. Party of Adventurers™. This post’s image, along with individual shots of each of the groups enigmatic members, will be appearing on Instagram starting today and concluding on Thursday. Including the Friday comic, that’s almost a full week of posts from Gobo Gazette! After their Instagram debut, they will be added to the Cast Page with a bit more detail (not too much, because… enigmatic)!

So, what is up with the other strangeness (other than a role-playing reference)? Well, I will be updating the Cast Page further with the chimera, as well as adding these guys. Not all at once, but very soon. Basically, I am trying to make sure that the website is up-to-date. All the cast references will be made available to new and old readers alike.