They're Always After Me“They’re always after me… pot of gold?” Everybody’s always talking about Lucky’s charms, but nobody ever talks about his stash of cash! Maybe Bam will come back later to steal a bowl of cereal. It is once more that time of year where everyone celebrates a guy who was captured by Irish pirates and then chased off a bunch of snakes. Or so the story goes. But the mainstream masses primarily celebrate the mass consumption of alcohol. If you are one of them, enjoy yourself but also drink responsively. St. Patrick’s Day is what I’ve always referred to as one of the three amateur nights of the year, where young adults meet – and exceed – their limits. The other two nights are New Year’s Eve and Cinco de Mayo. It is one of the reasons I don’t like going out of the house on these days. It can get a bit rough. And dangerous, especially on the roads. So, enjoy the non-reason for the season but please, for everyone else’s sake, have a designated driver. And if that driver is working (i.e. taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc) give them a tip for dealing with your shenanigans… especially if you can’t hold your liquor.