Giant Cave SpiderWell, hasn’t 2020 been something? We are three-fourths through the year and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better. Although one thing that is coming out of this is some long overdue awareness and recognition of discrimination, the price is quite steep. And it shouldn’t cost that much or take this long to make sure that everyone is provided an equal footing, no matter their background. To say that normal routines have been disrupted would be an understatement, and the same applies here at Gobo Gazette. I had plans to maintain Instagram posts (other than update alerts), updating the Cast page, implementing a Locations page, and changing the overall look of the website to better match the social media alerts. As you can see, all that went out the window around mid-April.

But good news, everyone! I’ll be updating the long neglected cast page! A new cast entry will be added to the Gobo Gazette Instagram account, today and the next three days! You can see the first entry in this post (talk about overdue)! On Friday, I will be adding these entries to the cast page as well as going through the archives and updating each with new tags. The plan is to get back on schedule. Along with the neglected cast, I am hoping to get those other changes in place by Christmas*! And on top of all of this, there is Inktober! For all of you artists new and old, I believe tomorrow is when they post this year’s prompts. If you have never checked it out before, do so!

So, despite everything going on out there, there is some good news out there. It’s just unfortunate that you have to dig for it under a heaping pile of hot mess.

Stay safe out there!

*emphasis on hope