Inktober 2020 Day One EntryWith 2020 being such a crazy year, I am surprised how quickly it became October and, with that, Inktober! It has been so crazy, I thought I would share my day one entry instead of the official logo. Wait a moment? Is this a Pokémon crossover? Yes, but with a very important disclaimer… and with a macron instead of an acute accent. While Pōk is shown here attempting to catch a Magikarp without a Poké Ball, the images I do for Inktober are mostly non-canonical. So if you were expecting the Gobos to be blazed by a Charizard, don’t hold your breath!

This will be the third Inktober for Gobo Gazette, my fourth in total. While Inktober has changed with time (you don’t have to do it just in October, check out the alternative guidelines) the basics are the same: a set of inked pieces of art, each based upon a keyword. Tired of getting only one Gobo fix each week? In October you get a bonus seven per week (roughly speaking)!

As mentioned, the image here is just a teaser – to see all of the art for Inktober 2020, you’ll need to go to the Gobo Gazette Instagram page. And if you want to see my Year One Inktober art, check out this album on my personal Facebook account. Following GG’s Instagram is just one way to get updates. The others being Facebook, Twitter and via RSS feed. Check those out if you are into social media… and please share!

Stay safe out there!