Six Year AnniversaryIt’s the six year anniversary of Gobo Gazette, but some would disagree. Apparently, gobos that are disguised as gnomes don’t count! There might not be a speck of green skin anywhere in last year’s strips, but there were interesting developments. We got a better look at the individual that stole the black stone. Was it hard to see? Don’t worry. The reveal is coming.

This is also the longest that the dirty dozen have been separated so far. The last time was over five years ago – or approximately half a year to the gobos. Gotta love how slow comic time can be. At this rate, it might be another year until we get to tomorrow! Just kidding. Or am I?

Next week – January 8th to be precise – is a Comic of the Week promotion for the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective! Starting on Monday, there will be one or more comics presented each Monday to start your week off right! Just click the link… you can do that anytime, even after the Comic of the Week is over! SpiderForest has a wide range of comics so there is something for everyone. Find your next favorite webcomic to follow!

This year I am hoping to finally achieve a sizeable buffer so I can do some double posts to get things back on schedule, update the website, and work on some gobo-related projects. I hadn’t done Inktober in a long time, and there are other things I want to look into. I hope you also have some great goals this year and that you are looking forward to another year of Gobo Gazette!

Be careful out there.