Original Content – March 2nd, 2018

“Big Trouble.” Well. That’s one thing that might bring our official introductions to a screeching halt. A very, very big thing. First of all, one should always be aware of their surroundings because you never know who or what is out of sight. Especially when you are about to address other with a secret agenda. Secondly, you should have a solid game plan when organizing others. You can’t just wing it. When someone challenges you with obstacles, you shouldn’t default to the reasons why. You should know the how first. And lastly, be careful of what you say. You never know who might overhear it. And that can get you into big trouble.

Now we know why gobos – who can see pretty well in the dark – might want to leave their cave and go outside on an extended leave of absence. Sure, having an adventure might be on the docket but getting away from very large or intimidating creatures is always a powerful incentive. This guy looks both large and intimidating. Can you imagine what kind of issues this fellow brings to the gobos’ table? You’ll soon get a glimpse as the comic progresses. Stay tuned.

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