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Hob: [(Shut it!)]

“Hot Pursuit” I don’t know if you recall where this is all happening. If you are a little lost, here is the first comic to feature the fortress. It is that building all the way on the right of the first panel. that said, the gobos had quite a running climb as they tried to elude their pursuers. In general, gobos are quite quick on their feet. It helps them to escape the clutches of larger, dangerous individuals and creatures. That is how Pōk was able to escape being mauled by the Chimera immediately after first contact. (That and gobo comical/natural resilience to injury).

But here’s the thing about old castles and forts. The stairwells of many have steps of varying width and height. The trick is that the defenders would know the place by heart and would be less likely to trip up compared to unwanted intruders. So, that smaller, lithe raider in hot pursuit is right on their heels when they reach the upper floors. Thankfully, the room at the top of the stairs was unlocked of it could have gotten ugly real quick for Pōk and the rest. And that heavy door sure came in handy! That raider went from Jack Torrance to Buford T. Justice in an instance!

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