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Hob: [Fib, Nob and Zip, behind the crates with Pat, arrows ready]
Hob: [Nak, Pōk and Nik, the door, weapons ready]
Hob: [Tik, Tok, Bam and Wak...]
Tok: [(Let's use) a bomb]
Off-stage: [No! What?!? A bomb will kill us. What!!!], curses, [No], curses, [No bombs]

“Hold Door” The gobos have managed to flee their pursuers and secure themselves inside the top of the fortress tower. Now what? They might be able to keep that small bandit from getting inside but what about the other three? One of them looked larger than Krak! And they are not that far behind. Our dirty dozen couldn’t possibly move enough crates in front of the door in time. It is clear that they need a plan, and fast! Thankfully, it appears that Hob has some ideas on how to approach their problem.

When time is of the essence and every role is pivotal, everybody must pay attention so they get their job’s right. The plan appear to have three parts, two of which are a firing line and defenders at the room’s choke point. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear what the third part entails because there is one among the gobos that has the solution for every problem. At least that is what Tok keeps on saying. And I believe everyone is present to tell this gobo exactly what they think of that explosive idea.

Game of Throne fans might notice that the title of this comic is “Hold Door”. I usually like to toss a link in on these pseudo annotations, but GoT can get a bit bloody and, although the series is over, I won’t spoil it. Spoiler? Wha’choo talkin’ ’bout, Wylis?

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