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Nak: [Nob is angry and doesn't want wood. We need bricks for a stone fort]
Tik: [No bricks]
Nak: [Nob wants Bam, Wak, you and Tok to get bricks]
Tik: [If we are getting bricks, who's building the fort?]
Nak: ...

“Workforce Assignment” Nak is back to speak with Tik and it seems that the little engineer has already begun the logistics of this large building project. Previously, they discussed the materials that were going to be used to create the fort. While Nob had originally wanted brick, Tik pointed out that those supplies would have to be mined from a far off mountain. Knowing Nob’s impatience, Tik recommended wood. (Straw was straight out.) As can be seen, Tik’s workforce assignment has already begun to source local wood for the construction.

But now Nak brings word that Nob doesn’t want wood. This wouldn’t be so bad if the little gobo leader would have replied sooner. To be fair though, Tik should have followed up before putting gobos to work. Then again, Nob tends to be a bit hands off when it comes to managing. No word is good word, or something like that. But the crowned gobo is also unaware of all of the details, which is why Tik is angry. Sure, send the strongest gobos to get the bricks. Then who builds the fortress? If they were to do it in stages, it would take forever. Did I mention that Nob is impatient?

Be careful out there.

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