“Right Tool” You need materials to build something. Tok had a pile of logs, the perfect building blocks for a wooden fort. And now we can see just how the constructive gobo is getting those. If you have been reading Gobo Gazette for a while, you will know that when it comes to supplying lumber, Wak is the gobo to go to. Felling trees is what this axe-swinger is all about! So it is no surprise that Zip might encounter Wak in the woods on the way back from a hunt.

Besides materials, you need the right tool for the job. In this case, the axe. Wak utilizes a bipennis, which is just a fancy way of saying a double-headed or bladed felling axe. And that is exactly what Wak is using it for: to fell trees. It is not quite the right tool in combat but anything handy could be used as a weapon. The converse, however, is not always true. Let’s take Bam, for instance. This gobo’s weapon of choice is the morning star. It is what you get when you take the bludgeoning strength of a weighted club and add spikes for punching holes in targets. Great for taking out opponents. Not so great for felling trees.

Be careful out there.

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