“Felling Trees” The gobos each have a role to play in their little community. Some are builders. Others are hunters. Even those that don’t contribute something physical provide a service. Protection. Leadership. Entertainment. Each of them are an intricate piece of their social dynamic. The quality might not always be there but it is available. Those that practice their trades regularly or have a heartfelt interest in what they do are the ones that usually provide the best service. Consideration is the key. And think about that. Who has time to provide a nice little table for Pat to use for food preparation and meals, especially with all of this construction.

Such gifts are a show of appreciation for hard work honed to perfection. But true perfection is hard to come by. Even the best of us slip up from time to time. Mistakes can – and will – happen. Wak takes felling trees seriously. There is an obsession in the little gobo that can be almost zen-like (for examples, check out Gobo Gazette’s Instagram posts for Inktober… which now has a year-round option). But even a crazed level of focus won’t catch everything. A small imperfection inside the trunk can cause a tree to crack when cut and fall off course. Thankfully no one was hurt. Too bad about that table though.

Be careful out there.

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