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Fip (off-stage): [I'm sorry]

“Sharp Points” We touched on how the gobos have their specific roles in the last comic. Building, defending and providing: they are focused on one of these categories. But what happens when your chosen focus isn’t being spotlighted? The providers are almost always active but what of the others? When everything is constructed, what does the builder do? What does a soldier do when they have nothing but downtime? They can apply their talents to a different task, and that is what the gobos do. Take Nik here. It is not all stabby-stabby. Stakes can be whittled, locks can be picked (it takes some skill to use a dagger to do that).

It is not easy for some to know what their focus is, let alone how to turn a talent towards a different task. When it comes to a primary focus, Fip believes it is archery. In all actuality, the green archer is more natural with the lute than with the bow and arrow. The fact that Fip is being ordered to train shows that perhaps marksmanship is not what the little gobo is all about. When you fill the air with many sharp points with the hope that one will strike true, that is more devotion to the odds than dedication to training. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to try a lot of different things early in their lives. It can be difficult to find your true calling and the more things you try, the more likely that you’ll answer it.

Be careful out there.

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