↓ Transcript
Pōk: [Orcs!]

“Mass Panic” You might have noticed something new with the “author’s notes” section. It is a transcript of the comic. I have been informed that some readers might not be having an easy time with the pictographs used for the gobo language. And I respect that. So from here out, I will be adding a transcript whenever language is spoken in a comic. When I have the time, I will go back and do this for all previous comics as well. This might be a lengthy process so, please, bear with me.

You will also start seeing less content here. While I like talking about the comics, I never wanted this content to outweigh that in the comic itself. So, any commenting I might make will be more abbreviated. I hope this sudden change (which will be applied to previous comics) doesn’t put everyone into a mass panic. In the end, I would imagine that whatever content does get placed here will be more worthwhile.

Be careful out there.

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