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The Captain: Kill them all!
Pōk: [Orcs!]

“Kill Order” This is the second strip in a row with the word “kill” in the title. So, to say that things are about to get serious would be an understatement. This chapter of Gobo Gazette is going to get a little intense, leaning more to fantasy violence than cartoon. I want to say not much more intense than what we had seen previously but I will give another notice in the comic immediately preceding the scene, just in case you might be a bit squeamish or are showing this to a younger viewer.

The wolf-riding hunters have launched their attack, but thankfully, Zip wasn’t off hunting or helping Fip during target practice. Perhaps that kill order given by the Captain was unwise? Because now there are three sets of eyes catching sight of what is coming. At least the attack is a straight-forward dash to the fort’s lone entrance, nothing crazy with their formation, but clearly emotions are mixed. It can be quite scary when suddenly confronted with a dangerous situation. More often than not, there is very little time to formulate a plan, let alone react. Would you be able to keep a cool head in a situation like this?

Be careful out there.

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