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Hob: [Pat!]
Hob: [Get Nob!]
Hob: [Gobos!]
Hob: [To the Mountain!]
The Captain: Enough of this...

“Executive Decision” With everyone in a panic, Hob is making an executive decision. Holding the fort is no longer an option anymore. Apparently, neither is relying on the wolf riders to settle a grudge. It would seem that the Captain is about to escalate this encounter to the next level.

Did you know that there was a transcript option in WordPress? I do now! I am not that excited about the look (and I may move it to the bottom of the post) but I think this option will take up less real estate… especially if the strip is quite verbose. So, if you are having trouble with deciphering the Gobo language, just click the transcript.

Be careful out there.

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