“Head Count” It looks like the last of the boulders and rubble has fallen. There is no more danger of falling rocks. At least imminently. Now it is time to make sure all of the gobos are accounted for. It is definitely not the time for treasure hunting.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Tik: [Gobos, count off]
Off-Screen: [Hob and Nob]
Off-Screen: [Wak]
Off-Screen: [Pōk... and Nik]
Off-Screen: [Nak and Zip]
Off-Screen: [Fip]
Off-Screen (weakly): [Bam and Pat]
Tik: [Tok?!]
Tok (weakly): [Tik]
Tok: [There are coins in this crack... and I'm stuck]