“Another, Please” Hob was concerned that the drink was poison. Or something more sinister. Perhaps Puccini is proof against the potion? But even if this is the simple elixir Nob claims it to be, its hard to push past the thought when its already in your head.

And just a reminder, Gobospeak (or Goblin, to many non-speakers) will be in brackets when someone present can actually understand it, magically or otherwise.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nob and Hob are sitting at a table, their chairs pushed together. Nob grabs hold of Hob's arm and, pointing toward Puccini, off-screen across the table from them.
Nob: <Poo understands me!>
Puccini (off-screen): It's "Puccini".

Panel 2
With hands behind the back, Nob observes Puccini with a bit of wonder. Hob, arms by each side, does so as well.

Panel 3
The moment is drawn out and Hob's hand is soon on the neck of the potion bottle...

Panel 4
...and then Hob takes a pull from it, bringing a slight smile to Nob's face.