“The Warm and Fragrant Liquor” Well, this is a first. Not Nob speaking about someone while in earshot, but full sentences from Gobos. You can thank the elixir for that.

Creator Notes
I had thought about what I would do if I didn’t use pictographs for Goblin or Gobospeak. This was one of the options. The classic “put it in brackets” approach with an asterisk notation. But that seemed a bit overboard, especially since Gobospeak appears in almost every single strip that has spoken language.

Another option I had discovered after I started was word bubbles with differently colored outlines to represent language. When I ever get around to updating previous comics to the current art style, perhaps I’ll do just that.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Notation: Earlier and Elsewhere...
Wide shot of Hob pushes a chair next to another that Nob is climbing up on.
Puccini (off-screen): Now where is that potion?

Panel 2
Puccini's hand reaches for a bottle on a shelf. The partially obscured label reads "Extra Large Potion of Comprehend Languages - Use as Directed"
Puccini: Here we are!

Panel 3
Puccini turns from the cabinet with bottle in hand and closes its door. He looks out over the table.
Puccini: Please. Have a...

Panel 4
Extreme wide shot of Nob and Hob already seated at the table. Puccini's hands are just in view and the cork has been removed from the bottle.
Puccini: ...seat. Right. Very good.

Panel 5
With cape corner in hand, Puccini pulls out the nearest chair from the table and goes to sit, sipping the bottle as he does.

Panel 6
There is a magical effect on Puccini's ears as he sits and then sends the bottle over to the other side of the table with an audible "Slide"
Puccini: Your turn.

Panel 7
A blasé Nob is ready to catch the bottle as Hob watches its approach.

Panel 8
Hob is then shocked to see Nob have a drink.

Panel 9
A wide shot of Hob and Nob at one end of the table across from a smiling Puccini. Nob has set down the bottle and there is a magical effect around the gobo's ears.
Hob: <That could be poison.>*
Nob: <Why would Poo wait to kill us? No. Poo thinks us fools but Poo's the fool. When Poo sleeps, we'll take Poo's treasure.>
Notation: *Magically translated from Gobospeak

Panel 10
Same view but just of an unfazed Puccini.
Puccini: Is that so?

Panel 11
Nob is flabbergasted while Hob continues to observe the gobo.
Nob: <Is... that so? Wha... How?>