“Where’s Pat?” Two out of three ain’t bad? Right? Pat is the responsible one. Perhaps they missed the gobo chef while searching another room? Yeah, that has to be it.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In one of the lab's storage room with shelves filled with various arcane objects, Fip races to the door to the main room containing the work table.
Nak, offscreen: [Fip, Pat, Tok?]
Fip: [Here.]

Panel 2
In a rather empty corner of the main room, a crate sits open with its lid leaned against its side. Tok runs towards the main door just off screen.
Tik: [Are there bombs in that crate!?]
Tok: [Nothings in that crate!]

Panel 3
At the main entrance, the backs of Fip and Tok are seen as they are addressed by a questioning Nak. Tik points an accusing finger at Tok, who gives a shrug. Zip looks pleased that Fip has been found.
Nak: [Where's Pat?]

Panel 4
The view shifts to Tok and Fip, the work table, doors and stove behind them. Tok glances to Fip as the gobo archer puts finger and thumb to chin in thought.
Fip: [I don't know. Perhaps back with the others?]