“Not Good” Here’s a familiar scene. (Can you spot the two differences from last time we were here?) What was Puccini asking earlier? If the gobos know not to touch anything unusual? It seems Tik, Nak, and Zip are quite familiar with the answer.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Notation: Earlier and Elsewhere...
Tik pushes a door open. In the entrance way along with the gobo miner are Nak - hands behind the back with a much more irritated look than last time - and Zip, arms crossed, immediately glancing narrow-eyed about the room.

Panel 2
A wide shot reveals a laboratory with a table at its center, the top of which lies a closed book, a small, lidded box and a cluttering of various vials, beakers and other alchemical devices. Behind the table is a large arcane-looking stove flanked by two doors, the one on the right is opened and strange lights can be seen within. To the right of that entrance stands a bookshelf filled with numerous tomes and a smattering of jars and containers. Left of the doors and stove is a shelf, stocked with more alchemical apparatuses. Below that are four containers, a pressurized drum, a glass ovoid on metal legs that glows warmly, a burlap sack, and a wooden barrel. Each have a different elemental symbol labeling them. Other doors can be seen further off on each side of the room.

Panel 3
The scene shifts back to the entrance. Tik's head falls to rest against the door and the gobo miner leans against it in defeat. Nak's stern look is gone, replaced by wide eyes and a worrisome frown. Zip's hand hides the hooded gobo's face in frustration.